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Leaving their real daughter at their home in a suburb of Seoul to fend for herself, the pair, who were unemployed, spent hours role-playing in the virtual reality game, which allows users to choose a career and friends, granting them offspring as a reward for passing a certain level.

Eventually, the couple returned home after one 12-hour session in September to find the child dead and called police.

Well, VR is going to disrupt What will that look like?

It’s impossible to know for sure, but we can make some educated guesses.

Today, we’re going to dive in and take a peek at what VR will make possible in three to five years — and why you should probably get your panicking out of the way now.

VR is already developing a reputation as an anti-social technology, and it’s easy to see why.

Eros Island was built as a safe place where you can let you inhibitions run wild. A kiddo shouldn't be the end of my sex and romantic life, help needed. People ask this question a lot—how do I find someone—but phrase it in all sorts of different ways. People have been crying over this love stuff for thousands of years—and keeping my ass in business for tens—so you're not the only person on Earth who feels this way.Hell, you're not the only person on your block who feels this way. And the easiest way to avoid bitterness, LSBG, is by getting out there doing shit. Keep meeting up with guys from apps for quick coffee dates, of course, but get out there and do shit you enjoy without the goal of meeting the "right" guy every time you leave the house.Suffice to say, the generation gap is going to be enormous.Every day we hear how new technology is going to disrupt this or that industry.

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At this point, it seems like many of us could use an app just to manage all of our dating apps.

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