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" The results confirmed the first findings: People rated their likelihood of dating a virgin at a 2.41, below the scale's midpoint of 2.5.

Well, at least virgins can date one another, right?

You also may not fit the model of ‘ideal’ male beauty, and you certainly don’t want to have to change your image just to get a girl to notice you.

You’ve probably done lots of awesome things in your life.

Adam*, 23, is pretty much like every other dude on Tinder: he just moved to New York City from the Midwest, he loves watching John Oliver clips and he has the requisite beard, as well as a profile that says "let's get pizza." The only difference is, Adam's never had sex.

He's not in a hurry to have sex, but admits if the situation presented itself, he wouldn't turn it down.

I was in the beginnings of a relationship with a guy, a guy whom I had actually really liked and I just felt in my gut that he would be the one because we clicked so well and right away which is unheard of compared to the recent guys that I’d dated.

Because I am a very rare type of woman, that is, according to this guy I was talking to. The very moment that he called me a liar that I had an epiphany, a revelation, a brain fart, or any other creative niche you could come up with that would apply to the situation; I had it at that very moment.

Then, the researchers asked another group of 4,934 single, heterosexual adults 21 and over, "How likely are you to consider getting into a committed relationship with someone who is a virgin? I realized that I was completely over the entire situation altogether. He even told me that I was way too confident to be a virgin. Here I was at twenty five years old telling this guy that I’m a virgin and his immediate response was, “Show me the proof.” So, what was the epiphany? Show Me The Proof saying that he just can’t believe it because society has shown him otherwise and this infamous line of his: “I feel like you just told me that Popeye’s sells tacos.” Oh and this one too : “All my life people have been telling me that pigs don’t fly.” From me he received a bunch of messages that said and I quote: “Please piss off! I get that he was surprised that a black woman at the age of twenty five was still a virgin but the disrespect that he spewed at me had completely turned me off and right then I was done.I’ve known guys just as attractive as me who remained virgins into their twenties.Awesome, smart, funny guys, with female friends and a reputation for being amazing.

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But don't expect Adam to disclose he's a virgin on a date "unless the other person is expecting sex ASAP, which is unlikely for girls," he said.

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