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Okay, Well given the nature of the Pascal base "String" type, it has gone through quite a few changes overall in the course of the Borland Pascal language, from Turbo, to Delphi, to Code Gear, so I need a little advice on this.

For the Delphi4 Edition, the String type equated to an Ansi String, which was castable but not synonymous with Wide String, or the multibyte com strings. ) that Delphi 6 as well kept the String type equal to the Ansi String.

” The correct but not very useful answer is to do the call to Show Message from the main thread. Start; end; Which one you choose will be dependent on what you are doing.

In general if I can avoid blocking I will, so if my situation allows it I use Queue for performance reasons.

In fact, this is the key analogy to use when you are thinking of Adapters: think of them like Datasets.

If you have a look at the methods and properties exposed on the adapters, you’ll spot many that are similar or exactly the same as TDataset, eg: is almost like an object dataset for whatever type you specify in the T.

This juste makes it easier to repair broken apps, but doesn't solve the issue of how to update an application should the main EXE or any dependency changes.

This way, you don't have to write your own updater." "mx Webupdate adds automatic update support to your application.

Create(procedure begin sleep(3000); Show Message('Hello'); end); a Task.

Start; end; The non-threadsafe part is the call to Show Message.

NOTE: If you are updating a localized version of Delphi 7, visit the Borland Registered User web site to obtain a localized readme file that may contain important late- breaking information not included in this readme file.

IMPORTANT: * This update can not be applied to Delphi 7 Architect Trial version.* This update can not be removed after it is installed.* You will need the original Delphi 7 installation CD availableto install this update.* To install this update from the CD, insert the CD, and launchthe d7_ent_upd1file appropriate for your locale.

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You can see this in the example project, I have a set of edit boxes bound using Live Bindings, and as a result they will show the values in the Adapter.

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