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The CREATE TRIGGER statement is used to add triggers to the database schema.Triggers are database operations that are automatically performed when a specified database event occurs.Notes on Updatable Views An updatable view is one you can use to insert, update, or delete base table rows.You can create a view to be inherently updatable, or you can create an INSTEAD OF trigger on any view to make it updatable.In this way, a user can create a trigger that runs a different code based on the type of the triggering statement that fires the trigger.For example, conditional predicates can be used to create a database trigger that restricts all data manipulation events (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, etc.) on a table to certain business hours Monday through Friday.

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER audit_emp_values AFTER DELETE OR INSERT OR UPDATE ON employees FOR EACH ROW BEGIN INSERT INTO audit_emp_table (user_name, timestamp, id, old_last_name, new_last_name, old_title, new_title, old_salary, new_salary) VALUES (USER, SYSDATE, : OLD.employee_id, : OLD.last_name, : NEW.last_name, : OLD.job_id, : NEW.job_id, : OLD.salary, : NEW.salary ); END; The Oracle INSTEAD-OF trigger has the ability to update normally non-updateable views.Does it mean delete all employees that are in department LCR?Does it mean set to null the dept_code for employees in department LCR?Hence explicitly specifying FOR EACH ROW is optional.FOR EACH ROW implies that the SQL statements specified in the trigger may be executed (depending on the WHEN clause) for each database row being inserted, updated or deleted by the statement causing the trigger to fire.

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4) Finally the AFTER statement level trigger fires.

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