Unraveling dating codes

Unraveling dating codes

The 1920s saw the culmination of fifty years of rapid American industrialization.New products seemed to burst from American production lines with the potential of revolutionizing American life.

A short and very good biblical example comes from Genesis 9:6, which laid out in a chiastic pattern looks like this: A Whoever sheds B the blood C of man C’ by man shall B’ his blood A’ be shed One of the largest chiasms in Scripture, Phelan notes (p.

What evolutionists do not want you to know is that , something every breeder of animals or plants is aware of.

Whenever variation is pushed to extremes by selective breeding (to get the most milk from cows, sugar from beets, bristles on fruit flies, or any other characteristic), the line becomes sterile and dies out.

49), and the social aspect of the theory grew accordingly—having only the hypothesized divisions of these documents as evidence (not archaeology, or any other external vector) using a technique some scholars call ‘mirror- reading’—that is, assuming that because an author says ‘X’, there must have been other people in his time, perhaps even a vast majority of his contemporaries, who held non-X to be true; and of course, this is supplemented with the argument (still read today in popular works like ) that ‘history was written by the winners’ and that there were various ‘silenced’ voices whose equitable points of view were destroyed, and which we will never get to hear.

Others turned P or another later editor of the Pentateuch into an ‘omnipotent’ being capable of making whatever changes were needed to accommodate the theory. The unraveling of JEDP is found primarily in the discovery of in the text of the Pentateuch which demonstrate that the text is overwhelmingly the work of a single author.

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This is where the imaginary part of the theory of evolution comes in.

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