The law of attraction dating

It is easier to achieve something when you can see it clearly.I am sure by now you have heard this term a few times and may even be getting fed up with how much exposure it is receiving. In simpler terms: Law of Attraction means: “like attracts like.” Or “behavior breeds behavior”While this may sound like a simple concept this topic helps you learn how to “receive & believe” you can change your life to attract what you want. Your quality of life is more important than staying somewhere that you have outgrown & the only reason you are there is because it is easy and safe. Don’t look at it as a dream; actually visualize your new path.If you believe you will find the right person, you will.If you know you don’t have to end up alone, you won’t. Is the skeptical part of you being activated and resisting this? But, with that being said, adopting these new beliefs when you have believing their super-crappy polar opposites for so long, will not happen at the snap of a finger.While this may seem abstract, I’ve found that with the right guidance, the process is really simple and practical. Some people call it love, some call it truth, some call it the higher self and some call it presence.Whatever you call it, it is the core essence of everything that exists.Most people are fearful of change especially in their later years.Fear is the biggest obstacle in the average person’s achievements. They go from one relationship to another without any time between the two.

It’s about becoming conscious of your internal state, attuning to your own energy to that, and using the connection to create your reality.When you’re ready to take the next step, check out Shelly’s course: How To Attract A Partner Who’s Ready For Deep, Devoted Love.The law of attraction is based on this simple principle: You attract what you are.If you keep attracting the wrong people into your life it is happening because of the images you are seeing in your mind. • Do you feel unattractive & think others look at you that way too?Ask yourself honestly what type of relationship you truly want.• Are you looking for love or friendship? “By changing your thoughts you can change your life.”Contrary to what many people think attraction means, it is not necessarily what you may think.

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Being “attracted or having something or someone attracted to you” can be a negative. Look at your relationships over the years, is there a pattern?

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