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I don't think so: Phillips isn't wearing the hat in the tub - a sure sign of breeding. Stretched out across the other three, Michelle is gorgeous, a perfect Sixties Blonde! Deep breath now: Mama Cass Elliot, lantern-jawed and horsey, is fat. Not fat by today's standards by any means, but Sixties sing-in-the-bathtub-with-three-other-people fat!

That Denny looked like several of the guys you went to High School with, (even if he was from Canada)?

One of the most pervasive untruths of the celebrity world is the myth of how Cass Elliot died.

The popularly repeated story, which asserts that she choked to death on a ham sandwich, pokes mean-spirited fun at the talented singer's weight and misses the tragedy of her early death at age 32. We're not the first ones to try to set the record straight about the ham sandwich story.

In Elliot's version of the story, she had a headache for two weeks after the accident and then, miraculously, she was singing higher.

But on Elliot's birthday, we'd like to join the crowd as another voice of reason and offer more truths about Elliot, in celebration of her too-short life and awesome talent.

Truth: A blow to the head did not improve her vocal range – she was always that good.

That they were all in the same tub, (even if they were still dressed)? Careers were made and lost on looks; singers were hidden from the public!

That John Phillips looked better in one of those Cossack chapeau's (that made David Crosby look like he shouldn't be in the Byrds)? Of course, Fabian was signed because he looked like he could sing.

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