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Articles: Glaciers, Glacial marine sediment, Ice ages. The beginning of a glacier; the zone in which snowfall exceeds the loss of snow by melting or evaporation.

An overall Matuyama-Brunhes reversal age of 783.4 ± 0.6 ka is calculated, which allowing for inherent uncertainties in the astronomical dating approach, is indistinguishable from the LR04 stack age (780 ± 5 ka) for the geomagnetic boundary.

320 ka, numerous lava dams formed near the modern-day Lava Falls area.

Field observations and new dam reconstructions require a new model for how the Colorado River interacted with ephemeral lava dams in Grand Canyon.

Articles: Concepts in absolute dating, Erosion, deposition, and time, Dendrochronology, Varves, Amino acid dating, Radioactive decay, K-Ar dating, Ar-Ar dating, Rb-Sr dating, Other isochron methods, U-Pb, Pb-Pb, and fission track dating, Radiocarbon dating, Cosmogenic surface dating, U-Th, U-Pa, and Ra-Pb dating, Paleomagnetic dating, Sclerochronology, Tidal rhythmites and dating, Fossils and absolute dating, Absolute dating: an overview The flat terrain found at the bottom of the ocean beyond the continental margin. An accumulation of sediment which forms in a trench.

The observation that the geological record can be explained in terms of the sort of geological processes that actually happen.

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Sandstone formed from sand deposited by the wind, i.e.

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