How old are the dead sea scrolls carbon dating

) is a city in the Palestinian Territories and is located near the Jordan River in the West Bank.It is the administrative seat of the Jericho Governorate, and is governed by the Fatah faction of the Palestinian National Authority., is generally thought to derive from the Canaanite word Reaẖ ("fragrant"), but other theories hold that it originates in the Canaanite word for "moon" (Yareaẖ) or the name of the lunar deity Yarikh for whom the city was an early centre of worship.And most deny that the Teacher of Righteousness had any connection to Jesus, but taught 150 years before his birth.Later we will return to these questions and consider on what grounds the statements of Creme might be justified.He teaches your precepts to Jacob and your law to Israel.He offers incense before you and whole burnt offerings on your altar.Since 2009 the Italian-Palestinian archaeological project of excavation and restoration was resumed by Rome "La Sapienza" University and Palestinian MOTA-DACH under the direction of Lorenzo Nigro and Hamdan Taha, and Jehad Yasine since 2015 (

He said the documents were written in the 2nd century AD, but that it is not possible to reveal their authors.They were written as records of historical events, and there are other scrolls still to be discovered.These simple statements challenge nearly every popular assumption that now exists about the Dead Sea Scrolls.I will scatter them in Jacob and disperse them in Israel." Moses Blessing - Deut.33:8-11 "About Levi he said; 'Your Thummim and Urim belong to the man you favored.

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