G6lite not updating saves

G6lite not updating saves

I have tried without extensions and get same behavior... On both systems, I'm running the current Brackets release 0.44 with Chrome v38.0.2125.104.For OSX, I'm running OS X Yosemite GM Candidate Version 3.0, released Oct 9.there might be some bugs If you just want to update to the newest official version, 1.2.5, then go to options in the Client and hit force update.The latest version is extremely stable and your world will untouched more than likely and still operate fine.

Also keep in mind that if you use a snapshot as it is developmental version, you will not be able to log on to any server you frequent. Snapshots are buggy - test them on throwaway worlds, not your main! Sure, that might be what Ella's asking, but maybe she wants her house in a world with the newer terrain (jungles and etc.).seems to do this just fine (although it's counter-intuitive that 'install' would be the command for this, given that in e.g.npm or Composer or Bundler the nearest equivalent action would be named 'update').However if you mean the Snapshots, they are a bit trickier, they are not completely stable and while the most current is definitely playable it is still buggy.The snapshots are installed by going to Mojang's website and downloading the client version in the 12w24a post and then placing that file in the /bin folder in your .minecraft folder. Some of the snapshots will corrupt your world file and your pretty house will turn into a mass of steaming pixels.

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If that's what you mean, just walk for a while and you should see some sort of cliff.

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