Diary of a dating diva

We've learned Kristen's lawyer contacted Joan's people and threatened to sue for defamation, unless Joan 86'd the slutty references. the prologue of the book -- due out early next month -- makes it clear it's all for laughs. they Kristen's lawyer may have backed down, because it's been radio silent since the threat was delivered.

It emerged today that Helen Wood is going to set to appear on the next series of Big Brother, which begins this evening.

I read this book several years ago and I just retrieved this review that I had in my notes. There were things that infuriated me about these characters but then again that is the point.

The bonds of sisterhood first formed in college will grow stronger through their adult lives and they will be reminded of the true meaning of friendship. What I loved about the book is that the author had this brilliant way of aiding the reader to live in each moment without wanting to fast forward. The sex scenes are there and not the most graphic I've ever read but you definitely get the picture.

Adam Carolla and Jerry Lewis have said that women aren't funny. From their first sets for their families to their struggles in a male-dominated profession to their popular stand-up routines, here are just a few of the women who prove their naysayers wrong. She shares her experiences with confessions, advice, and lots of hilarity.

Especially interesting is the chapter titled "Peeing in Jars with the Boys," which describes being one of the few women comedy writers (and eventually, the first female head writer on Dratch has written a candid, feisty memoir, complete with photos.

Yes, there is profanity and I will say that some authors use profanity as if it is a second language.

Some authors are not even realistic with the use of it and they leave you thinking where do people like this live.

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When the papers started sniffing around, I applied for an injunction myself but guess what? So there’s one law for rich men — however badly they behave — and quite another for the women they sleep with.

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