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Dating tips at movies

Watch the sunrise: Most of us have seen the sun set beautifully with our sweetheart.

But this year on Valentine's Day, why not watch the spectacular sunrise and let the feeling sink in that the relationship you both share is more than just friendship. Head out to an unknown destination that is not touristy and explore it for yourself.

From 'you had me at hello' to 'Cinderf***in'rella', Hollywood has delighted us over the years with cheesy "romantic" one-liners – both awful and excellent in equal measure – which we've rounded up here to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day.

Single or taken, don't pretend you don't like any of these ...

Have loads of flavoured popcorn, cold coffee and ice cream to up the excitement.

It’s good to listen to people/animals/objects who are trying to help you, but may we suggest taking the below counsel with a grain (or many grains) of salt? “You’ll have your looks, your pretty face, and don’t underestimate the importance of body language. The law says you must be married to a prince.” – Sultan, The Sultan has good intentions here, but he’s valuing the law over Jasmine’s happiness. ) If you have a friend/family member who’s engaged, you should probably not try to break up that arrangement.

John, should you really decline to fuck the bookless?

John Waters: That’s not really true if they’re cute enough. If you hate that movie, I hate you, and I could never be your friend or your boyfriend. right before we made Pink Flamingos, and it’s about Elizabeth Taylor, retired, writing her memoirs, which is what Pink Flamingos was too, in a way.

Since this is the best dating tip on the internet we figured he’d have others.(What the hell else are you supposed to ask our most beloved filth elder — who is currently in London for a 50-year career retrospective at the BFI, who directed classics like Pink Flamingos, who filmed the infamous scene where Divine eats dog shit — other than some totally inane questions entirely unrelated to the movies he’s here to promote? It took the blush off the rose, or whatever that expression is.

Let’s bring everyone down to our level and talk about boys and the internet.)I went to meet him down at the BFI. JW: He pulled over and vomited because I think he was a junkie and I didn’t know it.

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Dinner and a movie dates are, arguably, the foundation date for most relationships.

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