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are dads, just like you, and a lot of times your relationship is built around each other’s home lives.Brian, being the proud father he is, had an adversarial relationship with me as I attempted to one-up him and his daughter’s accomplishments.Well mainly you have to make new friends, your daughter has a healthy social life already.Luckily for the socially inept main character, many of the cul-de-sacs residents are fellow fathers, and are more than willing to make a new Dad friend...As the game opens you are met with the administration of Akamori Academy who get you set up for your first day of school.You can either go with the default name for the female lead of Noa Funakata (an allusion to Noah’s Ark), or you can choose you own name. to death.” I was about to throw the game disc out the window in frustration and a genuine love of Frisbee, but after remembering it was a free downloaded game, I decided to give it another go. you’ll have to try again.” “When I heard what Ruri said somehow I blacked out.” And my game ended again…

Your character is a feisty human starting her second year in the most elite all-bird high school, St. I was relieved I didn’t have to waste time with the first year of school, as the focus wasn’t on my human character’s entrance into the all-bird institution, but was instead on the in-depth stories and relationships she shared with her classmates.

gave me plenty of opportunities to customize my dad and his backstory.

In creating him I was able to choose whether he was a cis or transgender man, decide whether he was gay, bi, or pansexual by mentioning the gender of my deceased spouse, and hint at the backstory of how Amanda came into his life, whether by adoption or surrogate.

Any fears I had that it would make a mockery of its subject matter went out of my mind quickly, and I’m thankful those fears were quelled through the entirety of my time with the game.

This sensitivity towards representation extended to the datable dates, which include a wide variety of body types and ethnicities.

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Even though it’s a girl I used my own name on the recommendation of my therapist who said “it’s an important step towards self-realization,” whatever that means. Steven-chan, there’s a girl Ruri in the same class as you, I think you two will get along.” Excited with this prospect on my new day at school, I headed down the hallway to meet my new friend. This time I managed to avoid killing the fluffy animal and got to the classroom where Ruri was waiting. You might think that’s a lame cop-out by the author of this game, but then again maybe that’s just how butterflies are.

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