Dating old highschool friends

Dating old highschool friends

Or would you ignore them completely, making it abruptly clear you’re so over them.One Redditor who was curious about the same situation, asked the question: ‘Redditors who have met a former crush years later, how did it turn out?We talked about what we wanted to do when we grew up; where we wanted to go to college. There is something to be said for those kinds of friends.The kind that you may not see for long periods of time but can pick right up where you left off.but that was about it.)Now, it's worth mentioning, though we never actually hung out (in or out of school), our social circles did sort of orbit one another.We were never so far away from one another to remove the dream of her from my mind.

Ok, one of the features I like about facebook/myspace is the chance to re-connect with old classmates and friends. ' It's not like I pressure them to meet up, or really even plan to, but why won't people even respond to messages from an old acquaintance or even friend (in a couple of cases)?‘ and an influx of stories came in – some rather romantic, some rather sad. While eating dinner, if he didn’t like something he would spit it out.He hit me up on Instagram to tell me that we should catch up sometime and that he’d had a crush on me back in high school. Saw him years later (during college) at a bar and he started hitting on me. We were talking about how stressful our lives were, I was a first year associate at a large firm in downtown Dallas, she was in her last year of school. Just spit it on the floor, like a nasty Viking with no manners.We used to always hang out, but when I met him at uni a few years ago he barely acknowledged my existence!Makes me wonder if it's something I did, or if I was just no fun to be around back then....

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