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// Create a table with one column Table table = new Table("My Table"); Container Property("col1", String.class, null); // Access items and properties through the component Item("row1"); // Create item by explicit ID Item item1 = Item("row1"); Property property1 = item1Item Property("col1"); property1Value("some given value"); // Equivalent access through the container Container container = Container Data Source(); Item("row2"); Item item2 = Item("row2"); Property property2 = item2Item Property("col1"); property2Value("another given value");// Create a container of some type Container container = new Indexed Container(); // Initialize the container as required by the container type Container Property("name", String.class, "none"); Container Property("volume", Double.class, 0.0); ... // Bind it to a component Table table = new Table("My Table"); Container Data Source(container);.

If the container of a component is replaced and the new container contains a different set of columns, such as a property with the same ID but a different data type, the component should be reinitialized.

Just because I dont get is the equivalent of dating can determine how far along they way they feel, and try to blow.Some container implementations can provide methods to add externally created items, and they can even assume that the item ID object is also the item itself.Lazy containers might not create the item immediately, but lazily when it is accessed by its ID.Consequently, the Visitor container is the most susceptible to change based on defined date ranges.Visitor containers can include values based on a visitor's overall history: Visit Container The Visit container lets you identify page interactions, campaigns, or conversions for a specific web session.

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