Code for updating the database

Code for updating the database

Last week I explained how to create a link for each record to point to your update script.

By using the $id variable you output links which would pass the correct ID to the script so that it can update the database.

First of all, we connect to the database and select the appropriate record.

$id=$_GET['id']; $username="username"; $password="password"; $database="your_database"; mysql_connect(localhost,$username,$password); $query=" SELECT * FROM contacts WHERE id='$id'"; $result=mysql_query($query); $num=mysql_numrows($result); mysql_close(); $i=0; while ($i As you can see, this code will output a standard form, but instead of having blank boxes like on the form for inserting a new record, this one already has the current information from the database inserted into it.

” EF “Code First” works great with existing databases, and enables a very nice code-centric development approach with them. Note that all of the EF concepts are identical regardless of whichever type of ASP. We’ll use “File-New Project” within VS 2010 (or the free Visual Web Developer 2010 Express) and choose the “ASP.

In particular, it enables you to use clean “plain old classes” (aka POCO) for your model objects, and cleanly map them to/from the database using either the default mapping conventions or by overriding them with custom schema mapping rules. My previous two EF “code first” blog posts used ASP. NET Web application” project template to create the new application. NET Web Application” project in VS 2010 is a nice starter template that provides a default master-page layout with CSS design (I blogged about this new starter project template in a previous blog post).

Connection String Dim con As New Sql Connection(str Conn String) Dim str Query As String = "UPDATE [Userinfo] SET [name] = @CTMName, [password] = @CTMEmail WHERE [id]= @CRESID" Dim cmd As New Sql Command(str Query) cmd. To integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX and Analysis Services, you must update your online transaction processing (OLTP) database and your online analytical processing (OLAP) database.The OLTP database is the database that stores your Microsoft Dynamics AX data.In my initial blog post I introduced EF “code-first” and demonstrated how to use the default EF4 mapping conventions to create a new database.These default conventions work very well for new applications, and enable you to avoid having to explicitly configure anything in order to map classes to/from a database.

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