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The safeness of tranquillisers has prevented many deaths by suicide.

Valium is listed as an essential drug by the World Health organisation and is safe for everyone except babies under six months, and some glaucoma patients.

In essence, Synergy B™ offers an excellent combination of nutrients to support the body and relax the mind.

These questions pop up when your dog is sick in the evening or on a weekend. You have both prescription and OTC medications in your medicine cabinet.

L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea leaves that temporarily produces mental relaxation without any sedating effects.

Peptides provide nutrition to the lashes, enhancing durability and supporting a more voluminous appearance. Acetaminophen is a human medication in many OTC preparations.It's in Tylenol, some cold, flu, and sinus remedies, as well as some pain medications. This leads to anemia and irreversible liver damage. Advil's active ingredient is Ibuprofen, which is toxic to dogs.Will persevere for a while may be just adjusting to medication. No need to comment or answer this, I was on zoloft some time ago. I know that the half-life, in zoloft is fairly quick. so if your body gets tired after takeing it in the morning try at night time like others said... If you stillhave problems in a few weeks talk to your doc about trying a different SSRI that may have a different reaction with you,. I've battled major depression, anxiety, and OCD forever, it seems, and Zoloft has been the absolutely best a/d of them all. After reading on thi site about all the problems people were having with it making them sleepy I talked him into taking it at bedtime. And that I should prob start it at night but may have to switch it later on to morning if it starts keeping me from sleeping.and as Delila, said, most often, in regards to our meds, its simply what you're most comfortable with, you know time of day, schedules and so forth. It was troublesome to take at night because more often than not, kept me up at night. I also felt tired, more fatique, and that was why I stopped it. Only thing is you have to give yourself and body a couple of weeks to get adjusted.~a friend I've been on Zoloft for about 6 months, or more, cant remember. Minimal side effects and I do believe it has taken the "very seriousness" out of my behavior and has allowed some "joy" to seep in through the cracks, if you know what I mean. Previously I did 11 sessions of ECT and that was absolutely horrible! It didnt take me long to adjust to Zoloft and taking it at different times. but also have a lot of stress in my life right now (taxes, bankrupcty... Now he is sleeping better, & more awake in the day as it should be, so good suggestions guys & gals... I don't get sleepy with it, so I am going to continue taking it in the am. He said you will know yourself because everyone is different.

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B vitamins are a group of eight individual vitamins that together are referred to as B-complex.

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