Be less intimidating to men

Men may easily approach a beautiful woman because, obviously, they find this quality attractive and not intimidating.

However, they start feeling more insecure as they discover she outbrains them.

This is especially true if they’re dealing with self-esteem issues.At my most skeptical, I’ve wondered whether “he’s intimidated by you” is the female equivalent of “you’re in her friendzone,” a ego-coddling excuse for romantic failure that deflects blame from the brokenhearted.After all, I know so many women who are the “alpha” in their relationships, and so many men who find female power sexy.I have an ongoing debate with several of my friends about whether men are actually intimidated by successful, assertive women.For a long time, I believed this type of intimidation was, at best, a romantic-comedy myth invented to make flawless type-A women seem like victims. Lo in The Wedding Planner.) Or maybe it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, like how I never feel bad about my beach body until I am instructed to think about my beach body.

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One of the best ways to stop feeling intimidated by beautiful women is to understand that they don’t actually want you to feel that way.

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