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Download sample TKI Profile and Interpretive Report There is no single best way to handle every conflict.Each of the five conflict-handling modes has its own sets of benefits and costs. It is good to avoid conflict but becomes better when you collaborate.The avoidance approach will build up the conflict till it escalate which is dangerous to individual and organization.When two people are attempting to resolve a conflict, their individual behaviors can be described in terms of the levels of assertiveness and cooperativeness they express.

The accommodating strategy essentially entails giving the opposing side what it wants.The term conflict refers to perceived incompatibilities resulting typically from some form of interference or opposition.Conflict management, then, is the employment of strategies to correct these perceived differences in a positive manner.Forcing leads to damage at the long run but comprise leads to peace and relationship building.Above all, Collaboration leads to win-win and helps both parties to understand each other.

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Whereas dysfunctional conflict is destructive and leads to decreased productivity, functional conflict may actually encourage greater work effort and help task performance.

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